when did i get this fat

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  • some guy on omegle: I don't understand bisexuality! How does it work? I'm not trying to be offensive, but really, how can someone be bisexual? how can they like both?!
  • my sister: Do you want me to explain it to you?
  • omegle guy: Sure.
  • my sister: Do you like cake?
  • omegle guy: Yes.
  • my sister: Do you like cookies?
  • omegle guy: Yes.
  • my sister: Oh my god! How is that possible? How can you like both?! I don't understand how you could like both!
  • omegle guy:
  • my sister:
  • omegle guy:
  • my sister:
  • omegle guy: I don't know why I never understood this.
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*doesn’t have internet access for a week*


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Julia McNeill
Into the Calm, 2014

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That was so beautiful

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my #1 talent is saying stupid things to people and immediately regretting it

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"nerd" and"loser" were like hard hitting insults in the early 2000’s and now they are used as affectionate terms we have truly come full circle

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oh my god …

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they pulled cl hair ?

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140724 Seungri (@ForvictoRi):

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[NEWS] BIGBANG’s Lies is named “Favorite Song in the Past 10 years” at the M Countdown 10th Anniversary Special!
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